As a member of the Sutton Group-Canwest family of consumer-sensitive Realtors, Chris is dedicated to helping people buy and sell homes, condos, farms, and acreages in Calgary and the surrounding area.

There are five factors that influence the sale of property:

  • Competing homes in the market place, and very importantly those that have recently sold, which is the real indication of what people are proven to be willing to pay for a similar property
  • Price
  • Property condition
  • Timing
  • Marketing

The single most important decision you will make is determining the correct asking price for your property.

Buy, then sell or sell then buy?

It is almost always better to sell before you buy. Why? It eliminates the financial  risk of having to pay two mortgages plus taxes,insurance and utilities for several months. Additionally, unless you qualify for interim financing, your lender may require that you sell your home before granting financing on your new home. In some cases , they will take a rental value into consideration.

 If you do need to sell or put your home on the market in order to make an offer on a new home, it can cost you money in terms of needing to take less money to sell your existing home as well as paying more than we might otherwise be able to negotiate for your new home. Call me to explain why.

Preparing to Sell

  • Know your homes value. Please contact me for an up to date, indepth, comparative market analysis
  • Choose a Realtor. Look for a Realtor who:
  •    1. Makes you feel comfortable
  •    2.Returns calls promptly and answers questions readily
  •    3.Provides references/testimonials
  • Do a presale walkthrough with your Realtor for suggestions about how to prepare your home for sale
  • Keep all your paperwork in one place. That includes your listing contract, loan documents, inspection reports, and disclosures. Documentation you will need will include a real property report (For a single family home) property tax receipts,mortgage verification, deed or title search, recent home improvement costs and annual utility costs.

          You pay for the listing Realtors services either as a percentage commisssion or a flat fee, as specified in your listing contract. The buyers Realtor is paid out of that fee. A Realtor works without pay until they bring you a contract at a price and terms acceptable to you.

Advantages I can provide you as a Realtor

My goal is to bring you the highest possible price for your home, under the most favourable terms, in the least amount of time, with minimum inconvenience. I will:

  • Enthusiastically market your home under the terms of the listing contract
  • Prepare a customized marketing plan especially for you that may include:

    1. Customized Sutton Group Canwest Vista/Chris Tarves For Sale and Just Listed signs
    2. High end feature sheets with quality photographs to make your home really standout    
    3. Postcards distributed within your community advertising your home
    4. Newsmedia advertising
    5. Telelisting your home for sale
    6. Internet advertising,, and other sites
    7. Open houses for maximum exposure to the public
    8. On-line video tours for maximum exposure 24/7
    9. Brand marketing ads to drive traffic to our website
    10.Ads on Social media, Facebook,Youtube and Kijiji

Closing your sale

You should:

    • Make sure all deadlines are met
    • Make repairs promptly
    • Satisfy legal requirements
  • Arrange for your loan payoff